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Warmer Than Fire

The video contains a collection of footage of Ash messing around in Spain, filmed while they were recording “Free All Angels” there. It cuts to Tim in an empty swimming pool now and then and finishes when the piano is set on fire.

Mark Hamilton on the concept of the video:

Tim’s cousin made this low budget video with us (for the then download only single) while we recorded the album near Puerto Banus, Spain. Shot at El Cortijo studios and other local locations like our favourite Devils Bar. Tim looks like he means business on a moped. We all jump in the pool and then burn an old piano. Awesome times! This song was written by our friend Steve Ludwin who gave it to us when his then band Carrie split up. RIP Zak.

Tim Wheeler during the Tim Burgess Twitter listening party for Free All Angels in May 2020:

I’d forgotten about the piano, it was in my house when I moved in and it was an old piece of junk so we brought it with our gear to Spain with the intention of burning the fucker!

  • Released:
  • Director: Darran Tiernan
  • Shoot location: Puerto Banus, Spain
  • Shoot date: November, 2000