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Shining Light

The video that catapulted Ash back into the public limelight see’s Tim swimming under water for most of it, while shots of Tim singing on a black background are cut to now and then. The mermaid figure swims across in front of Tim at one point. The rest of the band don’t feature in the video until the end when Tim wakes up in a hospital bed, note the Elvis picture on the wall.

Mark Hamilton on the video shoot:

“Tim went through David Blaine style torture as he was submerged for the guts of a day in this water tank. He encounters some form of mermaid as he swims up from the dark abyss towards a bright, shining light. As if in a coma he reaches the surface to awake in a hospital bed, while the rest of Ash look on wondering why they were called at 5am for this video shoot!

On August 15th 2020, Ash uploaded a HD version of the video to YouTube.

  • Released:
  • Director: Darran Tiernan
  • Shoot location: London, England
  • Shoot date: December, 2000
  • Producer: Grant Freeman
  • Production company: Godman