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Basically Tim sits on a street corner playing acoustic guitar pining for his lost love, while the band drive round in a green car. The action then cuts to a Cuban model who plays Tim’s girlfriend in the video, who appears to be leaving him. She gets dressed while Wheeler sits on the bed playing guitar, she walks on onto the street and away. Tim resumes his position on the street corner when the band pull up in the green car and Wheeler jumps in the back.

The video features Cuban model Arianne playing frontman Tim Wheeler’s girlfriend and the country’s national basketball team.

NME reporting on the filming of the video:

A number of people on the set of Ash’s new video in Cuba were taken to hospital when the roof of the building in which they were filming collapsed. The band visited the country earlier in the month to work on the video for their new single “Sometimes”, which is released in July via Infectious.

The band were recording in a flat in the Centre of the country’s capital, Havana, and as the track was played back at high volume, the vibrations of the sound apparently caused the roofing to collapse. A spokesperson for the band said: “They were filming in Havana and it just seems that the music was too loud for the structure of the building. The roof collapsed and a number of the make-up and crew were taken to hospital. Fortunately, nobody suffered more than minor cuts and bruises.”

Mark Hamilton on the video shoot:

”Filmed in Cuba, and with a ‘nice piece’ of casting! This video shows Tim performing alone with an acoustic as we watch his (video) relationship split. The other Ash members spend the video driving around and looking for him in barber shops and gas stations. Of course they find him and everything’s ok, thank God! Tim narrowly avoided actual injury when the roof of the bedroom location fell in during the shoot! Smokin”!

  • Released:
  • Director: Jeff Thomas
  • Shoot location: Havana, Cuba
  • Shoot date: June, 2001
  • Production company: POP