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There’s a Star

The video see’s the band playing on top of a snow covered mountain in the middle of nowhere. As the band play the song all wearing big coats and gloves, Tim walks around looking for his beloved Flying V, while singing the lyrics to the song. By the time the second chorus comes around Wheeler spots it sticking on the snow, and runs over to it, digging it out of the snow he rises it into the air just in time for the guitar solo which Tim plays on the corner of the mountain. The video finishes with the whole band playing the final chorus together, this time however its night time.

Ash talking about the video shoot

Set against the bleak, volcanic black sand beaches on Iceland, Ash perform and Tim goes on a quest for his Flying V. Will he find it in time for the epic solo? There was supposed to be more to this video but it didn’t quite work out.

Mark Hamilton on the concept of the video

We’re off to Iceland to shoot it up in the mountains, imagine vast area covered in snow, think Hoth in the empire strikes back, we’re all dressed han solo style with rebel alliance logo’s with rescue flares going up in the night and we’re gonna comes across ‘snow jawas’. Whilst Tim makes a quest across the snow scape searching for his flying v just in time for the solo. How epic.

Mark Hamilton during the Tim Burgess Twitter listening party for Free All Angels in May 2020

We went to Iceland to shoot the video and wanted it to look like the Hoth Ice Planet from Star Wars. When we got there they were in the middle of a heatwave so we had to shoot on black sands instead.

  • Released:
  • Director: Jeff Thomas
  • Shoot location: Iceland
  • Shoot date: October, 2001
  • Production company: POP