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Renegade Cavalcade (Alt Version)

The band pulled this promo video for “Renegade Cavalcade” after it was made and released without their input or approval. Here’s what the bands manager Stephen Taverner said at the time:

“Some of you will be pleased to know that I have pulled the video. We were all on holiday and the record company made it in our absence. None of us like it (especially me)… but we’ll probably let you have it as an extra on the DVD single.”

It was broadcast several times on the digital music channels but quickly removed. The band don’t appear in the video until the end when their faces appear in the reflection of the blade of a knife.

Ash on the filming of the video:

This sucked so bad we didn’t want it to be shown on TV! We then had to make the second version during the tour with next to no money. It’s so crap it"s kinda funny.

  • Released:
  • Director: Rupert Jones
  • Shoot location: England
  • Shoot date: September, 2004
  • Producer: Alan Traquir
  • Editing: Gabriela Soria
  • Production company: Serious Pictures