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Stop press! Ash in suit shocker! The video for “Candy” is a very tongue-in-cheek affair set at a glitzy wedding reception. It tells the story of Tim’s attempts to seduce the waitress, Candy, while fronting the band employing various tricks. You may also recognize a few stars making cameo appearances in the video including Michael Jackson and George Michael

Mark Hamilton on the concept of the video:

Shot with a host of look-a-likes, Ash perform as a wedding band. Tim catches the eye of a beautiful but clumsy waitress (I guess she’s Candy?) who then wets herself just watch it, It’s great. There’s plenty of comedy moments in this clip, especially when Rick’s drum stick defies the laws of physics!

We recorded it in studios near the big brother house on the day before and night off Brian’s victory, the video is set at a wedding reception in the late 70’s early 80’s and very similar to the movie “The Wedding Singer”, it’s all very tongue in cheek and by far the most comedy video we’ve done to date. We got George Michael, Robert Di Nero and Michael Jackson all making cameos and it’s all totally over the top.

  • Released:
  • Director: Jeff Thomas
  • Shoot location: London, England
  • Shoot date: August, 2001
  • Director of Photography: Jake Polonsky
  • Production company: POP