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The Relentless Garage

London, United Kingdom

June 17, 2012

Show notes

Ash’s 20th birthday show hosted by fan and comedian Josie Long. With Steve Ludwin, Emmy the Great, Bleech, Gash and Som Wardner. The band were joined by several special guests including Grant Nicholas, Russell Lissack and Charlotte Hatherley.

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Set list

Set 1 - Trailer and Rarities

  1. Season
  2. Jack Names the Planets
  3. Intense Thing
  4. Uncle Pat
  5. Get Out
  6. Petrol
  7. Obscure Thing
  8. Punk Boy (Helen Love cover)

Set 2 - Acoustic

  1. Sometimes
  2. What Deaner Was Talking About (Ween cover)
  3. Lost in You
  4. Warmer Than Fire (Little Hell cover with Steve Ludwin)
  5. Tracers (with Emmy the Great)
  6. Girl From Mars (with Josie Long on vocals)
  7. Oh Yeah (with vocals by Ash fan Suzi)
  8. Kung Fu (with vocals by Ash fans)
  9. Teenage Kicks (The Undertones cover with vocals by Ash fans)

Set 3 - Full Set

  1. Lose Control
  2. Jack Names the Planets
  3. Girl From Mars
  4. Binary
  5. Walking Barefoot
  6. Someday
  7. Oh Yeah
  8. Kung Fu
  9. Evil Eye
  10. Orpheus
  11. Goldfinger (with Russell Lissack and Matt Tong)
  12. Angel Interceptor (with Russell Lissack and Matt Tong)
  13. Return of White Rabbit (with Russell Lissack)


  1. Breed (Nirvana cover with Grant Nicholas)
  2. A Life Less Ordinary (with Charlotte Hatherley)
  3. Girl From Mars (with Charlotte Hatherley)
  4. Shining Light (with Charlotte Hatherley)
  5. Burn Baby Burn (with Charlotte Hatherley)