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Uncle Pat

I set of this morning
Down the road along the river
Which I take but once a year
My walk will take me by the shore
Then in land for a mile or more
From the cold sea spray

A small wood stands upon the hill
An old house near it lies in ruins
Forgotten long ago
And here in the clearing
Overgrown with moss and ivy
Is your lonely grave

At dusk I will make my way
Along the lanes and through the fields
To where my cottage is
But before I step inside for bed
I’ll look up at the stars as we had
All those years ago

So here’s for uncle pat

Song Notes

Tim said of the mythical Uncle Pat in the song:

My wee bro who is now 24 is called Pat, but is no connection to the song title. He is my hero. The mythical Uncle Pat is our friend Pete Lawson’s Uncle from Portaferry. He was an artist who lived in everyone in the village’s house. We used to talk about him all the time for some reason.

One day we were jamming the riff to the song and nicknamed the tune “Uncle Pat” cos there’s something rural and Irish about it, much later on, I scribbled the lyrics down in a tribute to a guy I’ve never met… here’s to Uncle Pat.