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Pipe-smokin’ Brick


Release details

  • Label: Self-released
  • Formats: Cassette
  • Producer: Ray Valentine and Gary Aiken
  • Recorded: Cosmic Ray’s 8 track Studio


The full title of this tape is “Hat-wearin’ Fiddle-playin’ Jig-dancin’ Pipe-smokin’ Brick”, but is referred to simply as “Pipe-smokin’ Brick” by fans. This demo tape was a “best of” of previous demo tapes and so contains songs that also appear on Solar Happy, Shed and Garage Girl. The cover was designed and drawn by Mark Hamilton.

This tape was principally released to be sold/distributed by band friend Andrew Johnston on the summer 1993 Decadence Within/Shutdown European tour on which Johnston was roadie. 50 copies were made.