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The Little Pond

I was dreaming that tomorrow
I was lying in the grass
I saw you come towards me
You got out and smiled
The sun was shining while you came up to me
The breeze blew over your body
As I talked to you
I think that I love you

The rivers flow swiftly
And the sky is blue
The clouds are darkening gently
Over me and you
Tell me how you remember
The things I didn’t know
The summer is here now
The winter’s up and gone
The time has come for me to say

That I’ve never been happier than I am today
Maybe you could stay
We could watch the stars
Will they go away
Oh man
It’s OK

We could get up in the morning
With the sunrise
When the suns above us
We can close our eyes
We could swim in the river
With the dragon flies
And when the day is over
I’ll kiss you goodnight
It’ll be alright

We could look at the mountains from the hill
When the wind sweeps around us
And blows through your hair
We could follow the stream
To the old mill
We could look into the orchard
From the window sill
We could stop
And like you always knew it would
And I’ve been this way
I saw it from the very first day
Oh man
It’s OK

And the birds fly
And birds fly
Around the grand old house
And the fishes swim
And the fishes swim
Around the little pond

And me and her
We are like them
We all happily cast off from the world
So the birds fly and the fishes swim
We all smile cos we are free

It’s near the end of the summer
And we are still here
The (breeze??) is leaving
We’ll not disappear
As the leaves are falling
We won’t feel the fall
The light will feel so healthy
Only you could know
It’s now time to let go
And leave our summer home
We can face the winter alone
With a perfect summer behind
It’ll be OK

Song Notes

Tim Wheeler has expressed his dissatisfaction with this recording, and in June 2005 even mentioned re-recording it as an acoustic B-side for a future release. “The Little Pond” featured on the bands early demo tapes.