1. Lose Control
  2. Goldfinger
  3. Girl From Mars
  4. I’d Give You Anything
  5. Gone the Dream
  6. Kung Fu
  7. Oh Yeah
  8. Let It Flow
  9. Innocent Smile
  10. Angel Interceptor
  11. Lost in You
  12. Darkside Lightside

Alernative versions

UK Limited Edition

The first 50,000 pressings of the CD contain two extra tracks, “Don’t Know” and the original version of “Jack Names the Planets”, which both play before track 1.

  1. Jack Names the Planets
  2. Don’t Know

Japanese Edition

Contains the original twelve track album plus two bonus tracks.

Release details

  • Label: Infectious Records
  • Catalogue number: INFECT40
  • Formats: CD. 12” vinyl. Cassette.
  • Charts: UK: 1.
  • Producer: Owen Morris


The name of the album is a reference to the year of three events which shaped the band - the births of two members of the band, the year Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was released, and the year the first punk albums were released, though it has been suspected that the Star Wars reference is the most important; the album opens with the sound of a TIE Fighter, and ends with the track “Darkside Lightside”, whose title is a Star Wars reference, and which also ends with a choral version of the Star Wars main theme. All versions of the album contain the hidden track “Sick Party”, which comes in several minutes after last track “Darkside Lightside” and features lots of drunken, foolish behaviour.


Tim speaking to Noisey in 2015 about the albums various hidden tracks:

I wonder how the hell we found out about that, because there’s a weird glitch in the CD manufacturing that you can do that. It’s probably out of the mind of our manager or the label. It was quite a small team at the time, but between all of us we were always trying to find inventive ways to do things. That was fucking cool!