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Sick Party

Song Notes

“Sick Party” is a hidden track of the band members vomiting in a non-musical tape recording, which appears after final track “Darkside Lightside” on 1977. “Sick Party” was included in Pitchfork Media’s 2010 list of “ten unusual CD-era gimmicks”. “Sick Party” was originally recorded as a sample for a track Ash were recording called the “The Scream”. In 2008 Tim remembered:

We’d literally left school six months before… It was insane, just a totally mental time. It was the first time we had a residential time in a studio, and they had all the meals for you and you could just stay up. We just got very nocturnal and very crazy. [Producer] Owen Morris had been not so gradually introducing us to drugs, so we were off our heads a lot of the time! One of the dumbest thing we did was we recorded this track called “The Scream”. We spent three days working on it. We built up 48 tracks that started out like a murmur up to full on screaming. I was on acid one time dancing to it. By the time we got to the end of it we were too scared to mix it. “Sick Party” was originally one of the tracks we were adding to this melange of noise, but we kept listening to it and it turned out to be so funny we ended up using it on its own.