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Zombie Christmas

“Listen up you undead pricks” perhaps isn"t the sort of thing one should shout out at the Christmas dinner table – but it is the best moment in the brilliant, Dawn of the Dead-inspired video for Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler’s festive singalong, “Zombie Christmas”.

In fact, it comes at a point where Father Christmas has just been brutally attacked and pre-empts some fairly inventive uses for Christmas decorations – including electrified tinsel, a candy cane stake and some eye-gauging jingle bells. Also, look out for the bit when Tim Wheeler impales a zombie using his splintered Flying V guitar.

  • Released:
  • Director: Luke Snellin
  • Producer: Luke Snellin
  • Editing: Luke Snellin
  • Director of Photography: Ollie Downey & Simon Paul
  • Production company: 2AM Films