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“Vigil”, an enormously touching song which documents Tim’s father George’s final moments, but also celebrates the strength of Tim’s family. Tim explained the concept of the video:

I recently travelled to New Hampshire with director Alex Turvey and cameraman Jeremy Lynch to shoot the video for “Vigil”. We rolled there in a Forest Green ’66 Mustang. Alex’s vision was to make a film reliving father & son memories through a series of atmospheric vignettes.

We filmed scenes with a real life father and son, Buddy and Benjamin and also an older man, Paul and his beautiful horses. For locations we used the same grand house where I did the album photos and then on Paul’s farm and the surrounding countryside. The footage was looking incredible and I’m really excited to see the final edit.

  • Released:
  • Director: Alex Turvey
  • Shoot location: New Hampshire
  • Shoot date: September, 2014