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Wild Surf

Ash spent a lot of time and money on this video and were frustrated by it’s lack of rotation on video music channels. This annoyance prompted Tim to release the drug, sex and self-mutilation filled “Numbskull” video some six months later without informing the other band members or their manager.

In this rarely seen clip Howard took us to the Natural History Museum in London. There we shot performance against giant video screens and metallic globes. We also headed to East London for more performance shots in the Docklands area. The video follows a sci-fi looking chick obsessed with water. She has some kinda weird aqua car and then ends up surfing a tsunami which destroys the city. The final special effect shot is so tacky and crap it’s laughable!

  • Released:
  • Director: Howard Greenhalgh
  • Shoot location: Natural History Museum & Docklands, London, England
  • Shoot date: September, 1998