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Jesus Says

Filmed in London in August 1998, the majority of the video takes place in an old abandoned warehouse and disused underground station where a party is taking place at which the band are playing. Tim sings to camera without a guitar with his shades on and ‘Jailbait jungle’ sleeveless shirt, while Mark can be seen with a luminous yellow jacket on. The video continuously rotates which led to numerous complaints from people saying it gave them a serious headache. Tunnel shots are cut to now and again and towards the end Tim runs along a green corridor.

This video uses a lot of spinning camera motion which caused MTV to receive complaints of ““This video made me sick!””, because of this there was a re-edit with toned down spinning! The footage is shot in various West London locations including a disused Underground station and Gas works. We also get to drive around in some hot wheels under the West Way and Christ himself makes an appearance. Off-set he was a chainsmoker! I swear that"“s Keith Flint in the club footage.”

  • Released:
  • Director: Howard Greenhalgh
  • Shoot location: West London, England
  • Shoot date: August, 1998