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The video, which was directed by Luc Janin, features 23-year-old Clement Vannini, an inspiring French skater who was born without his right leg. Ash said of the video:

“When we heard about Clement Zannini, we felt that he perfectly embodied the spirit of the song; facing your fears and tackling them head on. We were thrilled that he agreed to star in the video and show off his awesome skills.”

Clement Vannini added:

“We spent three days filming with Luc – it was really cool and I thank him. We can say that the story is fictional, but yet so true on many points. I really live there, it’s really my garden, I’ve been skating these spots for a long time – I really like to skate so I hope it shows through the clip.”

The video itself involves a story of love and skating, Clément Zannini plays the young man who escapes his pregnant girlfriend’s anger on his board one night, leading him to flashback to the early days of their relationship, and reflect upon his new responsibilities - all the while executing excellent skate moves. Halfway through we discover that he has overcome considerable obstacles himself to skate at all.

  • Released:
  • Director: Luc Janin
  • Producer: Eolande Diaz
  • Editing: Leo King
  • Director of Photography: Matthew North
  • Production company: Skunk London