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Confessions in the Pool

Whilst his mum is out, a young man gets into the usual teenage mischief, such being comically chased in a field by priests and baptised in his pool by a bunch of delusional followers, believing that he may be the Messiah. The video parodies ideas of religious devotion, with a nod towards Monty Python.

Director Dylan Holmes Williams on the video:

“One thing I learnt from this video is that you should never work with 100 priests”.

“We got in touch with the Mentirosa Brotherhood in Spain, who were really up for it and flew in for the shoot. So far so good, you might think, but on set they were an absolute nightmare - wrestling each other between takes, getting drunk on communion wine, throwing up in the pool. They were essentially treating the whole shoot like a lads-on-tour piss-up.”

“People warned me that it would be easier to do those big crowd scenes as plates with some basic VFX, but I laughed them off at the time. Well, I’m not the one laughing any more. I guess we got there in the end, but they convinced my favourite cinematographer to join the priesthood and there’s vomit in my director’s viewfinder."

Ash said of the video on the day of release:

“The video is a surreal play on the song title. It takes the Confessions idea and runs with it so far it becomes surreal meditation on belief and salvation in the modern age. Blessed are the cheese makers!”

  • Released:
  • Director: Dylan Holmes Williams
  • Producer: Anthony Toma
  • Editing: Joshua Jackson
  • Director of Photography: Miles Ridgway