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Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

February 22, 2004

Show notes

With Winnebago Deal. The show is notable for one of the few times the band doesn’t play “Girl From Mars”.

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Pitz Club
Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

Set list

  1. Meltdown
  2. Orpheus
  3. A Life Less Ordinary
  4. Evil Eye
  5. Clones
  6. Walking Barefoot
  7. Starcrossed
  8. Out of the Blue
  9. Shining Light
  10. Renegade Cavalcade
  11. Detonator
  12. Goldfinger
  13. On a Wave
  14. Won’t Be Saved
  15. Envy
  16. Vampire Love


  1. Darkside Lightside
  2. Petrol
  3. Projects
  4. Burn Baby Burn


The first show of the Meltdown, world tour and our first gig since August. A bit rusty around the edges combined with an entire new albums worth of material, there’s an unusual amount of nerves tonight. Technical problems aside, it’s a pretty solid performance, although tonight might make an interesting bootleg. Few too many roundabouts…

Rick McMurray, 22/02/04

Review 2

Road-testing a new album at tiny venues is a simple and great idea. Simple and great ideas are what Ash’s whole ethos appears to be.

There’s the odd kink to be ironed out in such intimacy clubs - Tim Wheeler slips out of key for a verse in the punky “On a Wave”.

The majority here, though, are merely pleased that the heavier new songs give them ample crowd-surfing opportunities in between seeing “Burn Baby Burn”, “Envy”, and “Goldfinger” up close.

Explaining why new single “Clones” is out on Wednesday, rather than Monday, Tim Wheeler told the crowd: “We’re making it Ash Wednesday. Do you see what we did there?”

Ash recently claimed their new album wouldn’t have any pop songs. The big liars. The two ballads, “Won’t Be Saved”, and “Starcrossed”, are highlights to rival “Shining Light”.

Elsewhere, it’s hard to pick out a track that wouldn’t make a single. Underpinned by Rick McMurray’s tribal drumming, this is how Nu-Clear Sounds should have been.

Then there are the nine old songs. Ridiculously good fun.