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Drowsy eyes
Waves are crashing on the shore
No longer making any form
Drift to sleep
Beneath cool sheets
As when I was a boy
Waves rolling on the shore
In Distant sounds

Dark in heaven baby that’s for sure
Dark in heaven baby that’s for sure

Settling voice
Endless depth in my ears
Tongue that sears
Hopes and fears
The voice is infinite
Starlit seas
Midnight breeze beneath cool sheets
The surf sighs in sympathy
Drift to sleep

Dark in heaven baby that’s for sure
Dark in heaven baby that’s for sure

Dark swells at sea
Time is ripping at the seams
Symphonic rain
Symphonic pain
Outside is black
In the projects
Wanted back
Standing at the end of time
In ecstasy

Song Notes

Formally titled “Pickefoo”, apparently because it sounded like a mix between Pixies and Foo Fighters. Rumour has it that Mark made Tim re-record the vocals for this after the original set he did on mushrooms. This remains one of Mark’s favourite Ash tracks. The song is a fan favourite and regularly pops up in the bands set list, however the band admit to struggling to play it live since becoming a three-piece. The band opened with it on the Nu-Clear Sounds tour.

Tim: It’s about weird dreams and regression, returning to childhood. It’s quite an abstract lyric, a stream of consciousness.

Tim: Nu-Clear Sounds was a really tough album to write, trying to follow up the pop success of 1977 while also trying to let people know we were a serious band. We sacrificed the pop side for this album. In the end, the album didn’t connect with fans as much but I love it and I think it was a big part in sealing our longevity. Charlotte (Hatherley) had joined by this time and I love the two-guitar interplay on “Projects”.

Charlotte during the Tim Burgess Twitter listening party for Nu-Clear Sounds in April 2020:

Charlotte: I had a riff hanging about and somehow summoned the balls to suggest putting it together with Mark’s killer bass riff. Not a bad first contribution! This was such a majestic wall of sound live