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  1. Season
  2. Jack Names the Planets
  3. Intense Thing
  4. Uncle Pat
  5. Get Out
  6. Petrol
  7. Obscure Thing

Alternative versions

UK Limited Edition

Early pressings of the 12” vinyl include a bonus John Peel Sessions 7”.

  1. Silver Surfer
  2. Jazz ’59

US and Japanese Version

The US and Japanese release of the album includes the original seven tracks and four extra bonus tracks. The US version was released on 6 June 1995.

  1. Hulk Hogan Bubblebath
  2. Different Today
  3. Punk Boy
  4. Day of the Triffids

Release details

  • Label: Infectious Records
  • Catalogue number: INFECT14
  • Formats: CD, 12” vinyl, 12” + 7” vinyl, Cassette
  • Producer: Marc Waterman



Tim Wheeler looking back on their early songs in a February 2020 interview with Stereoboard:

Not much of our early stuff makes me cringe too badly. There are songs I wrote that stand up well. I almost don’t think of them as being old because we’ve never stopped playing them live. There’s also stuff from Trailer that wasn’t quite as mature, but I’m pretty glad some of the songs I wrote at 15 or 16 still feel relevant. There was a bit of built in nostalgia in those songs already, so it still works after all these years.