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Tokyo Blitz

  1. Burn Baby Burn (Live)
  2. A Life Less Ordinary (Live)
  3. Submission (Live)
  4. Shining Light (Live)
  5. Goldfinger (Live)
  6. Cherry Bomb (Live)
  7. Walking Barefoot (Live)
  8. Oh Yeah (Live)
  9. Candy (Live)
  10. Kung Fu (Live)
  11. Girl From Mars (Live)
  12. Only in Dreams (Live)
  13. Wild Surf (Live)
  14. Jack Names the Planets (Live)
  15. World Domination (Live)
  16. Lose Control (Live)
  17. Jesus Says (Live)
  18. Numbskull (Live)

The DVD includes the following bonus features:

  • Tokyo days - Footage of the band on their way to Japan and exploring the city
  • Tokyo nights - Post gig antics featuring the band and various crew members
  • Tokyo secrets - One on one interviews with each band member
  • Fan Cam - Meet Japanese Ash fans and take the journey from their perspective to the gig.
  • Back from the edge - “The Saga Continues”

Release details

  • Label: Infectious Records
  • Catalogue number: INFECT108
  • Formats: DVD, VHS


Recorded live in Tokyo at the Akasaka Blitz in September 2001.