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‘BBC Sessions 1994-1999’ compilation announced for Record Store Day

Ash have today announced details of an exclusive Record Store Day vinyl, titled BBC Sessions 1994-1999. It is due for release on July 17th in independent record shops and will be available on bright pink vinyl, limited to 1000 copies.

Artwork for BBC Sessions 1994-1999

With the last year enforcing the band’s first serious downtime, it enabled them to find the time to trawl the archive to put together a Record Store Day release with some real value, something that shines a light on their early development. This collection promises to highlight how they grew up in public, from Northern Irish underground garage band, through the years of mad fame following their number 1 debut album, to the expansion of the line up and sound with the introduction of guitar legend Charlotte Hatherley.

Some of the tracks are being made available for the first time since they were broadcast 25 years ago, and include the voice of the late great John Peel introducing them for the Peel Acres session in April, 1999.

“Ash have been big fans of RSD for years. The event captures the excitement and buzz we all felt as kids, trawling independent record stores for our favourite releases that were our teenage lifeblood.”

“It’s also a huge deal for us to make our RSD debut with a BBC sessions record. Sharing of Nirvana’s legendary session appearances via cassette recordings of Peel’s show were a massive influence on us in the early days. Hearing their already stripped down aesthetic pared down to the absolute core was so special as was their inspired choices of covers. It’s such an honour to be able to reveal this side of Ash on vinyl for the first time, still following in our heroes footsteps all these years later!”

The tracklisting is as follows:

Side One

From The John Peel Session, Maida Vale - 3rd April 1994

  1. Petrol
  2. Silver Surfer
  3. Jazz ’59

From The Evening Session, Maida Vale - 14th October 1994

  1. Girl From Mars
  2. Coasting
  3. American Devil

From The John Peel Session, Maida Vale - 14th April 1996

  1. Darkside Lightside

Side Two

From The Evening Session, Maida Vale - 15th April 1996

  1. Does Your Mother Know?

From The Evening Session, Maida Vale - 23rd September 1998

  1. Wild Surf
  2. Jesus Says
  3. Who You Drivin’ Now?

From The John Peel Session, Live at Peel Acres - 15th April 1999

  1. Folk Song
  2. Something Like You
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