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Filmed in London on April 21, 2007. All the explosions in the video are real, no cgi effects here. Mark Hamilton on the concept of the video:

“Yeah, it’s shown from the eyes of these children. There are two teams of kids having an imaginary war fight in a forest, with sticks and stuff. Only it transforms so that you can actually see what they’re imagining - with proper explosions and guns going off. It’s supposed to be about loss of innocence. It’s by the same guy (Jeff Thomas) who did the last video and the treatment just sounded really interesting.

We’ll be amongst the trees somewhere playing, I think. But hopefully we’ll get to check out the explosions too. Although, knowing me, I might end up getting a leg blown off. And then my footballing abilities would be even worse!”

  • Released:
  • Director: Jeff Thomas
  • Shoot location: London, England
  • Shoot date: April 21, 2007