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Kung Fu

Rick McMurray speaking twenty years after the singles release reflected on the video:

The “Kung Fu” video was directed by the late Great Steven Wells at our gig at New Cross Venue and around Chinatown in Soho. It was a pretty busy day as I remember; we also supported Supergrass at the Astoria that evening for an XFM broadcast. The video really sums up the song and the craziness of our gigs at the time. The video may or may not show a glimpse of my future wife who was down the front for the New Cross show. Rick.

On October 1st 2020, Ash uploaded a HD version of the video to YouTube.

  • Released:
  • Director: Steven Wells & Nick Small
  • Shoot location: London, England
  • Shoot date: March, 1995
  • Producer: Nick Burgess-Jones & Robert Lloyd
  • Production company: Spidercom Films