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The Deep Blue

by Charlotte Hatherley
  1. Cousteau
  2. Be Thankful
  3. I Want You to Know
  4. Again
  5. Wounded Sky
  6. Behave
  7. Love’s Young Dream
  8. Roll Over (Let It Go)
  9. Very Young
  10. Dawn Treader
  11. It Isn’t Over
  12. Siberia
  13. Lost In Time (Hidden Track)

Alternative versions

Japanese Edition

The Japanese version of the album was released in 2007 through Sony Records (Cat Number SICP 1395). It contains the original album plus three bonus tracks and a DVD containing music videos.

  1. Mr Ed
  2. Sister Universe
  3. Behave (Luke Smith Remix)

Bonus DVD

  1. I Want You to Know (Video)
  2. Behave (Video)

Release details

  • Label: Little Sister
  • Catalogue number: LSRL 003
  • Formats: CD, 12” vinyl
  • Charts: UK: 109
  • Producer: Eric Drew Feldman, Rob Ellis, Charlotte Hatherley
  • Recorded: The Red House Studio, Senigallia, Italy and Miloco Studios, London, UK


The Deep Blue is the second album from former Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley, it was released on the 5th March 2007. The album was mainly recorded in Italy, and was the first record Charlotte created since leaving Ash in January 2006. It was released through her own Little Sister label.