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Kung Fu



  1. Kung Fu
  2. Day of the Triffids
  3. Luther Ingo’s Star Cruiser

7” (INFECT21S)

  1. Kung Fu
  2. Luther Ingo’s Star Cruiser

Limited edition 7” (INFECT21J)

  1. Kung Fu
  2. Day of the Triffids

US CD single (2-17706)

Released in the US on Reprise records, featuring Jackie Chan on the cover.

  1. Kung Fu (Album Version)
  2. Jack Names the Planets (Album Version)

US promo CD (PRO-CD-7933)

  1. Kung Fu (Cavallo/Finn Mix)
  2. Petrol (Molotov Cocktail Radio Mix)
  3. Uncle Pat (Album Version))

Release details

  • Label: Infectious Records
  • Catalogue number: INFECT21
  • Formats: CD, 7” vinyl, Ltd 7” vinyl
  • Charts: UK: 57


This single marked the beginning of the relationship between Ash and Oasis producer Owen Morris, who produced the following three Ash albums. The artwork features the infamous Eric Cantona kick into the crowd. When Eric Cantona saw the cover he reportedly said “I spit on your record”. The back cover contains a message that reads “Kung Fu” was written in 5 minutes on Boxing Day 1994, and recorded over 2 minutes 15 seconds in Wales the following day. The single peaked at number 57 in the UK singles chart.

Due to the explicit lyrics contained on “Luther Ingo’s Star Cruiser” it was deemed unsuitable for use in jukeboxes. As such another 7”, with the label number INFECT 21J, was pressed with “Day of the Triffids” as the B-side. This version was a numbered limited edition and contains Japanese lettering on the cover.