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Jack Names the Planets

  1. Jack Names the Planets
  2. Don’t Know

US promo CD (PRO-CD-7644)

US promo CD given to radio stations, released on Reprise records in 1995.

  1. Jack Names the Planets (Radio Edit)
  2. Jack Names the Planets (Album Version)

Release details

  • Label: La La Land Records
  • Catalogue number: LALA 001
  • Formats: 7” vinyl


This was the bands first official release, and was only available on 7” vinyl. Only 2,000 copies of the single were released. The single was released on their then manager Stephen Taverner’s own record label La La Land, and was recorded with a £300 budget given by Taverner himself.

The single version of the song is entirely different from the version that appears on their EP, Trailer, the band were said to be unhappy with the version released on this single and re-recorded it for their debut EP.

The single was re-released in 2002 on CD with the Raptor 12” version of “Season” as an extra B-side.

The first 50,000 CD copies of Ash’s debut full-length album 1977 began with the two tracks of this single as hidden tracks that could only be found by rewinding the CD, before the usual opener “Lose Control”.