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  1. Season by Ash
  2. Lillet by Buttlip
  3. Because You Said by Fat
  4. Fucasbug by Marabone

Release details

  • Label: Raptor
  • Catalogue number: RAP1
  • Formats: 12” vinyl


Raptor is a rare 4-track 12” EP which marks the first official recording output of Ash. It features a track each from Ash and three other local bands, Buttlip, Marabone and Fat. The release was self-funded and contains handwritten labels, and wraparound picture sleeve. According to Mark:

Hilariously, someone at the time tried to buy the Raptor 12” in our local music store thinking it was a colouring book for their kid.

Speaking to BBC online in 2004 the band explained how the release came together:

The teachers tried to get all the people doing Economics GCSE to do this Young Enterprise thing where you had to run a small business. Most people were making wee lampshades or picture frames or something. We thought it was a good chance to get some money together and put out a proper record so we went round Downpatrick and got all the local shops to put some money in. This was before CD so everyone was selling their stuff on cassette. We just thought we’d stand out and get taken a bit more seriously if we put ours out on proper vinyl.

They’re going on eBay for over £500 now because we only made 500 copies, although that was a lot at the time. We went round local record shops and asked if they’d take 3 or 4, and then when they’d sold them we’d go back and give them more. We also sold them at shows, well sort forced them upon people, really.