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Home Demo


Release details

  • Label: Self-released
  • Formats: Cassette
  • Producer: Ash
  • Recorded: Tim’s house, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland


The Home Demo was recorded at Tim Wheeler’s home in November 1992. It was recorded on a regular cassette player with no studio mixing, so the quality is fairly poor.

“Raptor” was recorded in September 1993 at Tim’s Home and was later added to the demo in late 1993 when it was distributed with the Garage Girl demo tape.

Ash also recorded “Happy Halloween” (later to be released as “Halloween”) and “Girl From Mars” live at Belfast Limelight in 1993. These recordings were sometimes distributed with the “Home Demo” recordings.

This demo features the first recording of “Obscure Thing”, which sounds different than any other recording of the song and contains spoken vocals.

“Ex-Bon Jovi” is an early Version of “Only Friend”.

“A Song” and “Raptor” were never released again outside of this tape.