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Return of White Rabbit

  1. Return of White Rabbit

Free digital download

The band released a remix and the full extended version of the track as free downloads on 22nd October, 2009.

  1. Return of White Rabbit (Atomic Heart Remix)
  2. Return of White Rabbit (Extended Version)

Release details

  • Label: Atomic Heart Records
  • Catalogue number: Atom001
  • Formats: Handmade CD, 7” vinyl, Digital
  • Charts: UK Dance: 31
  • Producer: Tim Wheeler
  • Recorded: Atomic Heart Studios, NYC


Limited to 1000 copies on heavyweight vinyl. For the limited edition CD three different artworks were available, each individual piece of artwork was handmade by the band themselves. Rick’s a pack of playing cards, Tim’s apocalyptic bunny rabbits and Mark’s day-glo stencils.