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Unlike You

This songs for you
My old friend
I’ll meet you again
Near the end
I open my eyes
And the sun streams down
I know it’s you
You’ll know it’s true

You are at the beach
The water’s cold
September’s out of reach
The cold wind blows
The sand is grey and dull
Poor lonely soul
You are out of reach

You close your eyes
Hold out your hand
You look sad
Like gun is black
You sing a song
Your tears fall
In my hands
And on your shirt

The sea swells in
And the rain comes down
The paintings on the wall
Crash to the ground
I will start to cry
As the sun goes out
What was going through your head

Where are you my old friend?
You’ve gone for good
I’ll never see you again
When the sun shines
down are you really there?
What I said
Meant I knew you were
You, you’re looking so sad
Do you know why
Why your blood is red?
But I know your name
It’s… and I miss you
Why did you die?

Song Notes

This song is one of the earliest known Ash songs and appears on the bands “Garage Girl” demo tape that the band recorded in 1993, it still remains officially unreleased.