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The Scream


Song Notes

Just prior to the release of Mark explained how the absurd track came together.

Tim and Claudius have been hard at work in the studio mixing the infamous lost 1977 track dubbed “The Scream”, which will be included on the upcoming 1977 Deluxe edition.

Be warned this is no conventional ‘song’ and is not for the faint of heart! It consists of hundreds of voices building in volume from a low droning hum and descending into the torturous screams and yells of pure hell, dare I say music to Dick Cheney’s ears.

1977 hidden track “Sick Party” was originally recorded as part of “The Scream” but was found so entertaining it needed to become its own entity. But finally the bigger, sicker, picture will now be available for you to “enjoy”.

This is by far the most twisted Ash recording ever and gives a good insight into the mind-frame of the 1977 / Owen Morris recording sessions. We spent a few complete days in Rockfield studios working on it, listening to it over and over. When you hear it you might understand why it was locked in a vault for 13 years.

Perhaps someday it will find itself on an Exorcist style movie soundtrack. Subliminal messages are a plenty!