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A flame to light the incense
A prayer to ask for guidance
A song I offer to the rain
Show me how to live again

A mind that is still reeling
A heart in need of healing
Eyes that have lost their light
Eyes that stare into the night

They’re there for me
Every waking moment
Oh my baby I can’t see
Though I must go
I’m not sure why but I must make it on my own
All alone

The morning rain is endless
I can’t forget your kindness
The nights we got lost in the dark
First time I held you in my arms

Now out of reach
Every broken moment
Oh my baby can’t you see
My heart is closed
I need time to work this pain out on my own
And I must go

I think about my father
And all that I have lost there
Away away away
To chase the last light of the day

So dear to me
Every waking moment
Oh my baby remember me
Even though your pure love
Means more than you’ll ever know
I must go

Song Notes

Tim said of the song:

The last song is chronologically out of sequence, but it felt like a good way to bring things down again after “Lost Domain” and end the record. It’s about how grief can get in the way of being able to love and be intimate. Because the album starts gently, I wanted it to end gently, and not too triumphantly.