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Love Is For Sops

I don’t want to meet your ma and pa
I wouldn’t know what to say
I’m not much good at communicating anyway
I just want to get into your bed - nothing more
Oh love is for sops
For sops is love
Love is for fairytales and Sacha Distel
Oh love, oh love, love is for poets
I don’t want to go on holiday to sunny Spain
To see little girls getting up the shute to some Spanish git
Watch them fall for the same old corny lines

Oh love is for sops
For sops and little girls
Love’s in their magazines to manufacture teenage dreams
Oh love, oh love, love is for dating agencies
Oh love is for lovers, what you feel for fluffy toys
Love is for lovers and for effeminate boys
And girly pops

Song Notes

“Love Is For Sops” is a song by The Outcasts that was released as a double A-side single in 1978. No recorded version of the track by Ash exists, however Tim Wheeler played the song live with Damian O’Neill of The Undertones during at an acoustic gig at the Windmill in London on February 18th, 2005.