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I Need Somebody

I can’t be myself, when I’m alone
I think stupid things, when left on my own
I need somebody to be around
Someone to play up to, to fool around
I need somebody, to pick me up
Whenever you mind it, please pick me up

I need somebody
Oh anybody
I need somebody
You know that its you

I think out aloud, when there’s no one around
I can’t understand, why I ever feel down
I need somebody to take me home
To the world I once knew was formed on its own
I need somebody to see a smile
Knowing things will be better after a while

I need somebody
Oh anybody
I need somebody
You know that its you

Oh yeah its you

Song Notes

“I Need Somebody” has a big band feel and was written whilst in a hospital bed by bassist Mark Hamilton.

Tim speaking to Rip It Up magazine in 1996 said of the track:

It’s great, I’m really into it… I had little to do with it as it was done during the album sessions, when I was writing lyrics and stuff. So, Rick [McMurray, drummer] and Mark put it together, and I just went along and did the vocal and a guitar line, and that was all I had to do with it. At the start I didn’t pay much attention to it, but it’s one of my favourite Ash songs now.

In November 2020 Rick explained that the spoken part at the start of the song survived from a take where they tried to get Mark to sing the song.