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I went to see you at the hospital
Made my way up town through the bustling city afternoon
To the still of the waiting room
A paperback unread at your side and clementines
It’s so hard to see you in this way
I wish that I could take your place
I’ve found new meaning

Of love
Oh love
Oh love
Oh love

What was really running through your mind
Our lives all intertwined, you were feeling so hurt inside
Didn’t care if you lived or died
Holding your hand as your sleeping now, crying my eyes out
Doesn’t matter that life beat us or what happened between us
I’ve found a true meaning

Of love
Oh love
Oh love
Oh love

And so I found I was not so strong
Was only holding on
I couldn’t fight through another war
The will to live was lost
I couldn’t carry us anymore

I come to meet you every Tuesday after therapy
As your relearning heart it breathes
And taking things slowly
It’s hard to talk because we’re breaking up
We’re facing up at last to reality
We’re setting each other free

Of love
Oh love
Oh love
Oh love

Through cursed and unraveled, dark and lonely nights
Guilt and confusion, heavy on my mind
Heard the ice crack beneath me, silence of my shame
Heard the sound of your heartbeat, the calling of your name
At the mercy of your tempest, that fell on us so fast
Try to keep hold of something, that can never last
I’m still haunted by your eyes, welling up with pain
Searching for an answer, searching for the answers
I think of you each morning, in the quiet times
When I least expect it, you come into my mind
Try to think of the good days, gone forever more
Try to recall the innocence that I had before

Song Notes

“Hospital” was one of the 27 songs demoed for the bands Twilight of the Innocents album, but was later re-worked for Tim’s debut solo album. Tim said of the song:

This is also a slightly older song, but when I was making the record I realised that it worked with the story. This one is a composite of several stories from around the time my dad first went into hospital with some heart problems, and another couple of people I knew were in hospital at the same time. I guess it’s a song about seeing a loved one go through an illness and wishing you could take their place.