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In the pool of half remembered dreams
How long have I been submerged in sleep?

I want to be free
To run in the moonlight
Inhale alpine air
Can’t you see?

In the undertow we drag each other down
If we don’t let go we’re both going to drown

I want to be free
Beneath the surface
I’m suffocating
Oh, I cannot breathe

I want to be free
Although I love you
This surge of energy
Needs release

All that we will lose
By duty bound no longer
Once again a stranger
You are free

A deep fear of making a mistake
Will I ever have a chance like this again?

I need to be freed
To soar like the starlings
Dive like the swallows
Seek destiny

Oh, I want to be free
Honest and reckless
Wild-eyed and fearless
Truth to this heartbeat

In the open air
A clear and new beginning
Once again a stranger
I am free

In the open air
By beauty bound no longer
Once again a stranger
I am free Once again a stranger
I am free

Song Notes

In a track by track breakdown of Kablammo! with, the band had the following to say about the track:

Tim: This is probably the least Kablammo! track so far, in terms of explosive speed or pace.

Mark: It hits you somewhere else though. It hits you in the soul. Instead of a punch in the face it’s all about the heart.

Rick: Thematically I think it’s a bit Kablammo! because it’s kind of exploring the end of a relationship, several different sides of a relationship going Kablammo! People going in different directions.

Tim: And your life is about to go Kablammo!

Mark: From what I can take from it, it’s that point when you know that the relationship is finished and you’re free, you’re back.

Tim: Giving into instinct and following instinct. The freedom that gives. Abandoning duties and kinda doing what you want.

Mark: Musically people think of Ash as being quite full on, this is nice because it’s kind of different it’s not so Kablammo! in your face, so wall of sound. It’s one of my favourite parts of the album, there’s so much space to it, you can hear everything.

Tim: It’s a bit of an oasis of tranquility. I love moments like that because that’s the sound of the three of us playing in the room. It’s really cool. The guitar solo, there’s no strings at that point. And then all of a sudden, Kablammo! the strings come in at the end and it really soars.

Mark: You can actually hear the fucking twang of the bass string.

Tim: I guess we used to be afraid of having too much space in the sound, we grew up with Nirvana and always wanted a very dense sound.