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Devil’s Haircut

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Hey Tim this is Brian Bell from Weezer
Erm… bad news, erm… my guy is not working today he’s on a video shoot
Erm… and he won’t be in till Tuesday
Erm… Matt gets his haircut at a place called gothic
It’s on sunset, it might be even walking distance for you
Er… I don’t have the number but its gothic like in gargoyles and dracula’s
Erm… I can’t say I know anything about it except for Matt’s hair
So erm… I don’t know
I’m, I’m bummed to cos I wanted to see what you, he were gonna do
Or how you were gonna get it cut
I was really excited about that
Erm… erm… oh well next time
Your hair will be down to your ass if you wait that long
But er yeah I’ll see you tonight
See ya

Song Notes

“Devils Haircut” is actually not a song - it’s a recorded answerphone message that Brian Bell left for Ash frontman Tim Wheeler at his Hollywood hotel room in late 1996, when the band was on tour with Weezer. It is likely that the recording was made on or around December 21st, the day the two bands played The Palace Theater in Los Angeles.