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Celebs in their beds with Tim Wheeler

Published: April, 2001
Source: BBC Radio 1

Nemone give Ash’s Tim Wheeler a rude awakening on a Saturday morning, ahead of a gig in Wolverhampton, to get him to talk about the bands new album Free All Angels.

What’s a usual Friday night for you?
We played last night in Bristol, so I guess at the moment it’s doing gigs really… life is far from normal at the moment – it’s good though.

How do you relax when you are not gigging?
I like reading, hanging with my mates, and going to the cinema… The good thing about being on tour is you run into your mates around the country.

Is there any thing you do before you go on stage?
Jump around a lot.

How are you guys going to celebrate the album’s success?
If it gets top five I think we’ll be flipping out, it’s a good sign we are coming back. If it’s number one we’ll have a heart attack. We’ll large it for the next three weeks.

How would you describe the album Free All Angels?
Very uplifting pop music. It’s what guitar music should be – instead of staring at your shoes and strumming an acoustic guitar. It’s got really good vibes on it. I’m really chuffed with it.

What’s coming next for Ash?
We’re doing lots of festivals throughout the summer, I think it’s 40. We are mad for it, cannot get enough