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Candy sells!

Published: August, 2001
Source: NME

Ash have re-recorded a song in French in an effort to sell more records across the channel.

The band headline the Evening Session stage at The Carling Weekend (August 24-26) and will then be promoting their French single in Europe.

Frontman Tim Wheeler told of the song : “We’ve just re-recorded “Candy” in French and it’s gonna be a single, purely for France. We got this guy to do an adaptation and it’s pretty cool, he made it rhyme somehow. It sounds dead philosophical in French, actually. I think they [French record label] are pretty happy we’ve done it. We could be big in France. I think we’re in line for a pretty big hit.”

Meanwhile, Wheeler said he’s happy that Ash’s anti-Westlife campaign - which included a ritual burning of the boy band’s CDs - seems to have paid off.

“I think they’re on the verge of cracking up and it’s all our fault” said Wheeler.

“Actually, we covered “Uptown Girl” for Chris Moyles (BBC Radio show). Was our version better? It couldn’t really get any worse! It’s a song Westlife stole from Billy Joel, so we’re stealing it back. But I think we’re already bigger than Westlife in America.”