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Ash star gunning for Westlife boss

Published: June, 2001
Source: NME

Ash frontman Tim Wheeler has further fuelled the feud between his band and Westlife by rather tongue in cheek suggesting that the boyband’s manager Louis Walsh should be shot.

Wheeler is annoyed that recent album Free All Angels was kept off the top spot in Ireland by Billy Joel. He sees the recent Westlife cover of Joel’s “Uptown Girl” as being responsible for an upturn in interest in the American piano man.

When asked by BBC Radio One’s Session In Northern Ireland what could be done to stop a repeat or to stop Westlife beating Ash in the Irish singles chart, Wheeler said: “I might have to shoot Louis Walsh.”

Last month, Ash marked their contempt for the boyband by setting alight a pyre of Westlife CDs.

Westlife have yet to respond.