Z008 festival Hit by Problems

Ash performed at a trouble hit Z008 festival on Saturday despite problems with promoters and bands canceling. Dizzee Rascal, Athlete, The Rascals and Wiley were among the bands who scrapped sets at the Zoo8 event. Mark Ronson, The Cribs, The Hives and Ash were among the acts who did appear. There were also issues with the facilities, while the second stage was closed for much of the festival after its tent became unstable.

Ash’s performance was also in doubt with bassist Mark Hamilton quoted as saying “We didn’t know if it was going to go ahead earlier on. There were a lot of issues with the promoters.”

It is understood the band were meant to be paid half of their fee before the performance and half after. When this wasn’t the case the park’s managing director Bob O’Connor had to step in to pay the band and their performance went ahead as planned.

The band did eventually play a 12 song set, which ran as follows:

Burn Baby Burn
A Life Less Ordinary
Shining Light
Kung Fu
You Can’t Have It All
Oh Yeah
Girl from Mars
Twilight of the Innocents.