The Best of Ash released today!

Ash release their new album The Best Of Ash today. The album also comes with a DVD which includes the first ever release of the previously unseen tour documentary Teenage Wildlife.

Entirely self-funded, it depicts the band’s rise from local school heroes to the all-conquering band that topped the charts with their debut album 1977. Yet underneath the surface of the band’s success, we see the three young musicians struggling to adapt to their new-found fame and the insane workload that a global tour of a hit album necessitates.

Narrated by Ewan McGregor to a brilliantly acerbic script by the late Stephen Wells, Teenage Wildlife shows the highs, lows and debauchery of the band’s initial breakthrough.

In addition, The Best of Ash features the band’s music videos on DVD for the very first time.

You can purchase the album now at HMV, Amazon, iTunes, Recordstore, and