The ‘A-Z Series’ Subscription Details

Ash have released the full subscription details of the A-Z singles series. The band will release 26 singles in one year, with a new single released every two weeks. Each single will be available as a digital download and limited edition 7" record. There will also be a limited edition vinyl collectors box available. Subscription opens on October 6th. The full pricing details are as follows:

Digital Downloads

  • Subscription to all 26 tracks: £13
  • Individual downloads will be available from all digital retailers

Limited 7" Records

  • Subscription to all 26 vinyls and downloads: £130 (inc. p&p)
  • 7" Vinyl Collector’s box for £10 (plus £2.50 p&p)
  • Individual 7" Vinyls will be priced at £5 (inc. p&p)

Limited 7" Vinyl Collector’s Box

  • This is exclusive to £20* (plus £2.50 p&p)
  • There is a £10 discount when purchased with Limited 7" Vinyl Subscription.

For more details and to subscribe to the series visit the Ash Store

Ash have also produced a promotional video which you can see below. The video was produced by Big Button with Nico acting as director/Lead Animator.