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“Cocoon” Music Video

To conincide with their Kablammo! fall UK tour which begins tomorrow, Ash have today released a new video for the Kablammo! single, “Cocoon”. The video was directed by Eric Feigenbaum and produced by Jessie English.

“Machinery” Music Video

Ash have released a new video for their third Kablammo! single, “Machinery”, it was filmed whilst on tour in Tokyo, Japan in July 2015. The video has frontman Tim Wheeler going out for a night on the town, ending up at a karaoke party.

“Evel Knievel” Music Video

Ash have released a new video for the Kablammo! instrumental track, “Evel Knievel”. The clip shows footage from the 1971 film, Evel Knievel, starring George Hamilton and directed by Marvin Chomsky.

“Free” Music Video

Ash have released a new video for their second Kablammo! single, “Free.” Directed by Mat Whitecross, the clip sees the band solemnly rolling out their song while stuck in an insane asylum.

Kablammo! launch celebrated at Rough Trade East

Ash celebrated the launch of new album Kablammo! last night playing a special instore show at Rough Trade East in London. You can view footage of the band plaing “Cocoon” above. The set list ran as follows:

  1. Evel Knievel
  2. Go! Fight! Win!
  3. Cocoon
  4. Free
  5. Shutdown
  6. Machinery
  7. Moondust
  8. Let’s Ride
  9. Girl from Mars
  10. Burn Baby Burn

Ash play back garden in Ash

Ash finally stopped off for a gig in their spiritual Surrey home – of Ash. The band played a short acoustic set yesterday morning in the back garden of competition winner Tom Coleman. The show was broadcast live on The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show as part of Absolute Radio’s Brekfest 2015. The band played “Girl from Mars” and “Shining Light”, you can view the short set above.

“Kung Fu” turns 20!

“Kung Fu”, Tim Wheeler’s paean to martial arts hero Jackie Chan and The Ramones, was released twenty years ago today. The single charted at #57 in the UK singles chart and featured Eric Cantona’s infamous flying kick into the crowd on the cover art, Cantona later berated the band faxing the label, “I spit on your record”.

To celebrate watch the high action music video for the single above. Rick McMurray today reflected on the video:

The “Kung Fu” video was directed by the late Great Steven Wells at our gig at New Cross Venue and around Chinatown in Soho. It was a pretty busy day as I remember; we also supported Supergrass at the Astoria that evening for an XFM broadcast. The video really sums up the song and the craziness of our gigs at the time. The video may or may not show a glimpse of my future wife who was down the front for the New Cross show. Rick

Watch the video for “Vigil”

Tim Wheeler has today released the music video for his new single “Vigil”. The video was filmed in New Hampshire last month with director by Alex Turvey and cameraman Jeremy Lynch.

Tim streams new single “Vigil”

Tim Wheeler has posted an audio stream of the first single from his upcoming solo album Lost Domain. The track “Vigil” can be heard above. Tim said of the track:

It’s about the actual time that my dad died and we were at his bedside. We were by his bedside for three days, holding his hand, some of us sleeping on the floor and watching the sun come up over the mountains outside every morning. It was a really hard time, but kind of a beautiful time as well, with the closeness of the family. We were glad that we all got to be there and share that time together.

Tim will be heading to New Hampshire this weekend to shoot a promo video for the single.

Full concert video from SWU Music & Arts Festival

Enjoy the full set from Ash’s recent appearance at the SWU Music & Arts Festival. The set is as follows:

  1. Girl from Mars
  2. A Life Less Ordinary
  3. Arcadia
  4. Shining Lght
  5. Walking Barefoot
  6. Oh Yeah
  7. Kung Fu
  8. Orpheus
  9. Return of White Rabbit
  10. Burn Baby Burn

6Music acoustic videos

Tim recently played two tracks from Ash’s newly released The Best of Ash album for Lauren Laverne’s 6Music morning show. You can check out the videos of “Jack Names the Planets” and “A Life Less Ordinary” below.

Teenage Wildlife trailer

Watch the trailer for Ash’s tour documentary Teenage Wildlife. The full video will be available on the DVD that comes with The Best of Ash which will be released on October 17, 2011.

Ash & We Are Scientists cover ‘Washington Parks’

Ash and We Are Scientists have teamed up to record a cover of “Washington Parks” by Robert Manning. The song is a stereo collaboration with Ash in the left channel and We Are Scientists in the right channel. It has been recorded for the Music for MRI project. The project aims to get artists to record a cover of Robert Manning’s song “Washington Parks” to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis (the disease), and the MS Society (the charity).

You can purchase and download the song now at There is also a video for the song by Adam Rogers which you can watch below.

Tim Wheeler and Emmy The Great also recorded a cover of the song earlier this year which is still available.

Videos from Tim’s Pixies JD set

Tim Wheeler played a set of Pixies covers at the 10th JD Set last night. Tim was joined by Emmy The Great, And So I Watch You From Afar, Ma Mentor and The Crookes.

Tim was later joined on stage by his Ash bandmates Mark, Rick and Russell for the encore including traditional Pixies closer "Into The White" before finishing with some Ash classics, which Tim termed "pixies rip-offs". You can view videos of "Debaser", "Cactus", "Into The White", "Petrol" and "Burn Baby Burn" below.

Debaser (with ASIWYFA)


Into The White


Burn Baby Burn

Watch complete live Ash set

You can watch the entire gig of Ash’s show at the Metro Theatre in Sydney, Australia on The show took place on August 3rd 2010 and features the following songs:

  1. Lose Control
  2. A Life Less Ordinary
  3. Goldfinger
  4. Dionysian Urge
  5. Shining Light
  6. Orpheus
  7. Oh Yeah
  8. Kung Fu
  9. Arcadia
  10. Twilight of the Innocents
  11. Girl from Mars
  12. Return of White Rabbit
  13. Burn Baby Burn.

As an added bonus you can also watch WASH’s performance of "Only In Dreams" from the same show. WASH was a supergroup consisting of members of Ash and We Are Scientists, who were also on the bill.

You’re giving me ‘The Creeps’

As a little Christmas present Ash have posted a new video for A-Z Vol. 1 bonus track "The Creeps" directed by Josh Kletzin. Enjoy the video below. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and we’ll see you in 2011.

‘Arcadia’ voted #1 A-Z series single!

As Ash’s year long A-Z singles series drew to a close the band asked fans to vote for their favourite single from the series. The results are now in and the clear winner was Arcadia - letter C - and also a firm favourite in their live set.

Nico Jones from Big Button - who made the videos for "Return of White Rabbit" (which kicked off the series) and the Tron-esque ‘Binary’ - worked with bassist Mark Hamilton to produce a pacy, retro ride to match the track and indulge in some Star Wars fantasies.

The top five singles were as follows:

  1. Arcadia (C)
  2. True Love 1980 (A)
  3. Dionysian Urge (L)
  4. Joy Kicks Darkness (B)
  5. Binary (Q)

Ash + We Are Scientists = WASH

Ash recently teamed up with We Are Scientists to form the supergroup WASH on their current Australian tour. Check out the videos below to see them playing Weezer’s “Only In Dreams” and Mudhoney’s “Touch Me I’m Sick”.

“Carnal Love” video

Ash have released the video for next single “Carnal Love”, letter V in the A-Z series, it is available from your preferred digital provider from August 1st 2010. The video was directed by Alex Turvey.

Slashed: Part one

Ash have finally released some footage of Slashed to coincide with the release of their latest single "Binary". Slashed was a self shot horror movie that the band made whilst on tour in America in 2002. Written by Jed Shepherd, it was never completed, however for the first time clips have now been released. It features Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland from Coldplay as well as former Ash guitarist Charlotte Hatherley. You can view part one below.

“Kamakura” video

Ash have released an official video for “Kamakura”, directed by Dainoji and starring Saki Inagaki. “Kamakura” was a bonus track on the Japanese version of A-Z Vol 1. You can see the video below:

“Binary” video

You can see the video for Ash’s next radio single “Binary” below. The single, letter Q in the A-Z series, will be released on May 24th. The video was directed by Nico Jones for Big Button.

“War With Me” video

You can see the video for Ash’s next single "War With Me" below. The single, letter M in the A-Z series, will be released on March 29th. The video was directed by Alex Beck.

“Neon” video

Ash have today released a music video for "Neon", single ‘I’ in the A-Z series. The video features a collection of still photography shot and sequenced together by KINo. You can view the video below.

Watch Ash’s live webcast

Ash performed a live webcast tonight from their Atomic Heart Studio in New York City. The band played seven songs including the live premier of current A-Z single "Neon" and also took time to answer fans questions from the website. If you missed it, you can watch it now below.

The band played the following songs:

  1. Neon
  2. A Life Less Ordinary
  3. Return of White Rabbit
  4. Arcadia
  5. Space Shot
  6. Twilight of the Innocents
  7. Kung Fu.

Ash to play gig broadcast online

Ash has partnered with Livestream to broadcast an exclusive performance streaming live from the band’s own Atomic Heart Studios in NYC.

On February 3rd, at 8pm GMT (3:00pm EST/12noon PST), fans can tune in to Ash’s Facebook page,, or to view the broadcast.

Immediately following the performance, the members of Ash — Tim Wheeler, Mark Hamilton and Rick McMurray - will interact with their fans via a live Q+A session where they will answer questions submitted via Twitter and Facebook.

With Livestream as the exclusive streaming provider of the event on February 3rd, the player for the webcast can be embedded anywhere. Integration with Facebook and Twitter allows viewers to engage in an online conversation with other fans and the band. The performance will also be encoded for the iPhone, making the broadcast accessible to over a million iPhone users with a 3G wireless connection at

“Ichiban” video

Ash have today released a music video for their current single “Ichiban”. The video uses film footage edited from the 1961 monster movie, Gorgo.

“Pripyat” music video

Ash released “Pripyat” as a single yesterday, letter F in the A-Z series. You can view a video for the song below, featuring photographs by Robert Polidori from his book, “Zones of Exclusion: Pripyat and Chernobyl”.

Pripyat, is an abandoned city in the zone of alienation in northern Ukraine, Kiev Oblast, near the border with Belarus. The city was founded in 1970 to house the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant workers, and was abandoned in 1986 following the Chernobyl disaster. Its population had been around 50,000 before the accident.

“Space Shot” official video

Ash have released the official video for their upcoming single “Space Shot”. The video was directed by Daniel Garcia. “Space Shot” is letter H in the A-Z Series and will be released as digital download and limited edition 7" on Monday 18th January 2010. You can see the video below.

“Tracers” with Emmy The Great

Ash have released a live acoustic video of “Tracers” featuring Tim Wheeler with Emmy the Great. The video was filmed in Tunbridge Wells on 15th November 2009, and was directed by Josh Kletzkin.

“Tracers” official video

Ash have today released an official video for their single “Tracers”. You can see the video below. The video was shot in Hastings during the A-Z Tour and was directed by Josh Kletzkin. The band released their new single “The Dead Disciples” yesterday.

“Arcadia” official video

Ash have today released an official video for their A-Z single “Arcadia”. You can see the video below. The band released their new single “Tracers” yesterday.

“Joy Kicks Darkness” Official Video

Ash have today released an official video for their current single “Joy Kicks Darkness”. The video was directed by Josh Kletzkin and shot during the current A-Z Tour of the UK.

Ash On Live From Studio 5

Here’s a clip from Ash’s appearance on Live from Studio 5, which aired on October 15th 2009.

“True Love 1980” Music Video

Ash have posted the long awaited video for their new single “True Love 1980”. The single will be released on October 12th. The video was directed by Daniel Garcia and can be seen below.

Ash Unleash ‘NYC Rabbit’ Video

Ash have released another video for their new single “Return of White Rabbit” dubbed ‘NYC Rabbit’ and it’s pretty entertaining to say the least.

Directed by Karen Lord and featuring Nickolas Kimbrell (White Rabbit and close friend of the band), we get a sneak peak at what a typical night in NYC is like for a jolly ol’ rabbit. Check out the video below.

“Return of White Rabbit” Music Video

Ash have released the music video for their comeback single “Return of White Rabbit”. Conceived, illustrated and animated in-house at Big Button, “Return of White Rabbit” is a dark tale of love, jealousy, and revenge set to the band’s bass-heavy, frenetic comeback single.

The video was produced by Big Button with director/lead animator Nico Jones, illustrator Shane Holley and 3D modeling by Darren Bowler.

“True Love 1980” & “Spaceshot” Videos

Ash have been performing two new songs from their upcoming A-Z Series on their current mini UK tour. “True Love 1980”, which will be the first in the singles series in September and “Spaceshot”, which will follow later.

You can see clips of both songs along with an interesting jam of “Return of White Rabbit” below. These videos come from the Bloomsbury Ballroom show in London on June 6th.

Special thanks to machernucha for the videos.

“Nocturne” Music Video

Nico Jones has uploaded an interesting music video to Vimeo of Ash’s song “Nocturne” which was a released as a B-side on the “Candy” single way back in 2001.

ITN On Video Interview

ITN On were at the bands rehearsals this morning to film an interview about the 1977 shows, the upcoming re-issue and what they’re currently up to in the studio. They also filmed the band rehearsing “Girl from Mars”. You can view the video below.

Ash play their 1977 shows in London tonight at the Roundhouse and tomorrow night at the Astoria, were taking a week off but we’ll have a full report when we get back in a weeks time.

Japan Tour Video (Part 1)

Ash have posted a video tour diary from their appearances at the Nano-Mugen Festival in Japan. You can view the video below:

YouTube Classics - Wild Surf

More YouTube goodies, this time Ash performing “Wild Surf” live on Later with Jools Holland back in October 1998.

YouTube Classics - A Life Less Ordinary

Here’s another selection of classic Ash YouTube goodies, this time we have a live version of “A Life Less Less Ordinary” right back from 1997, on the show TFI Friday presented by Chris Evans. Stay tuned for more classic Ash videos in the coming weeks.

“End of the World” Video

So here it finally is, the new video for Ash’s upcoming single “End of the World” which will be released on September 10th.

The band shot the video when they were out in Japan playing the Fuji Rock Festival. The video is a tongue in cheek look at the last day on Earth through Death’s eyes before he gathers the other three horsemen of the apocalypse to bring everything to an end. Look out for the Lost In Translation references. The video was shot by Irish directors Daddy.

Ash Rock Reading Festival

Ash played a headline set to a rammed NME/Radio 1 Stage at the Reading Festival on Friday night (August 24). Ash delighted a packed crowd with a series of greatest hits and a spattering of songs from their recent and last, album, Twilight of the Innocents.

Taking the stage at 22:30 GMT, the band induced a mass singalong to “Burn Baby Burn”, during which the band cut out their instruments half-way through, allowing the crowd to sing the chorus back to them in unison.

After leading his band through a frenetic “Kung Fu”, Wheeler asked the crowd, “So, you’re not too bothered about seeing Razorlight, then?”, referring to the headline act on the other side of the festival site playing at the same time as Ash. Most of the crowd booed as Johnny Borrell’s band were mentioned.

A rapturously-received Twilight of the Innocents marked the end of the bands scheduled set, but after a brief interval they returned to the stage to play their first ever single, “Jack Names the Planets” to close their headline set.

The set list ran as follows:

Lose Control
Burn Baby Burn
You Can’t Have It All
A Life Less Ordinary
Renegade Cavalcade
End of the World
Kung Fu
Oh Yeah
Girl from Mars
Twilight of the Innocents
Jack Names the Planets

You can view Ash’s interview with NME at the Reading Festival below:

Also BBC’s special Reading and Leeds page has a page devoted to Ash including an studio acoustic version of “End of the World” and a backstage interview with Tim Wheeler.

FaceCulture Interview

Ash frontman Tim Wheeler and drummer Rick McMurray recently spoke to FaceCulture.

The boys told FaceCulture about their break after the Meltdown tour, changes, proving yourself, Charlotte Hatherley leaving the band, Tim and Mark moving to New York, their friendship, the new album Twilight of the Innocents, U2, the current situation in Ireland and lots more.

AOL Session Online

AOL have added the full session Ash recently recorded to their website. The band played the following songs:

  1. Polaris
  2. You Can’t Have It All
  3. End of the World
  4. Twilight of the Innocents
  5. Teenage Kicks
  6. Ritual

You can watch “Twilight of the Innocents” above or check out the AOL sessions website for the full set which included an interview and exclusive pics.

YouTube Goodies

Every now and then we will be digging up some classic Ash video clips from the YouTube archives. This time we have “Girl From Mars” live from this years Isle of Wight Festival and an acoustic version of “Starcrossed”. Stay tunned for more!