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Kablammo! album reviews and interviews

Kablammmo photo shoot, 2015
Kablammmo photo shoot, 2015

Kablammo has only been out a few weeks but it has already gained widespread praise from critics and fans and propelled the band back in to the spotlight. Here’s a collection of Kablammmo album reviews from around the web:

The band have also been extremely busy on the press circuit, here’s a selection of interviews:

  • Ash Are Ready to Go ‘Kablammo!’ Again - The band chat with Spin
  • Put your apple core in the food bin - Rick talks to Downtown
  • Out of the Blue - Vanyaland interview with Tim
  • Back with a Bang - Rick speaks to Glasswerk
  • People like Ash to be fun - Tim chats with HMV
  • We’re going to have to put up a statue! - Rick talks to Gigslutz

Coldplay inspired by A-Z series single “Dare to Dream”

Ash frontman Tim Wheeler has been speaking about the day he spent recently in the studio with Coldplay, who are currently recording their new album. Tim told BANG Showbiz:

"I showed up one day and they were working on a song which Chris was saying had taken a bit of inspiration from one of our recent A-Z Series singles ‘Dare To Dream’.

"I had randomly gone to the studio for lunch and it was the day they happened to be working on that song, so I sat in and jammed with them and Brian Eno, which was really amazing."

"All I’ve heard is this one track, and during that afternoon the song changed rhythm about four times. They have a very flexible way of working. They’ll go in one direction, then they’ll rip it up again."

Tim also explained how he’s been close friends with Chris since Coldplay’s first album, Parachutes, came out in 2000.

"Me and Chris met just after their first album came out, and became really good friends. We toured with Coldplay in America, and he’s sang on a couple of Ash tracks.

"We’re the same age and I think he even saw us play at the Astoria when he was at University. He’s always said he likes our music."

Tim Wheeler talks to AAA Music

Tim Wheeler at JD Set rehearsals
Tim Wheeler at JD Set rehearsals

AAAmusic interview Tim Wheeler about Pixies and their influence on Ash and their music, Kerouac and more! Plus photos from rehearsals with And So I Watch You From Afar and Emmy the Great.

Russell Lissack Q&A

Ash touring guitarist Russell Lissack
Ash touring guitarist Russell Lissack

Before Ash get back on the festival circuit and head over to Japan and Australia, they will be asking Russell Lissack to dish the dirt on his time touring with Ash!

To submit your questions email them to and title emails RUSSELL.

Tim talks about the making of “Slashed”

Ash frontman Tim Wheeler has been speaking to about Ash’s horror movie Slashed and how Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland came to appear in the movie. Here’s full transcript.

Good afternoon. A few years ago, Chris and Jonny were persuaded to star in Slashed, a horror movie made on the road by Northern Irish band Ash. The film never saw the light of day and has since become the stuff of legend. But now, Ash have decided to use some of the footage for the video of their new single, Binary, which is out this week. We called up Ash’s frontman Tim Wheeler to find out more about Slashed and Coldplay’s role in it.

Hi Tim. How did Chris and Jonny come to be in Slashed?
We were on tour with Coldplay, doing a lot of support slots in America in 2002. When you’re a support band, you’ve got a lot of free time, so we decided to make a slasher movie on the road. And then we kept meeting so many interesting people and getting them involved. It was kind of amazing how much fun we had and how many people wanted to join in on the action. Dave Grohl is in it too.

Did you think Chris and Jonny were good actors?
I thought they were incredible! They really showed us up. They brought an air of professionalism to the whole thing and they were really game for the laugh of it. Later on in the film, they get totally doused in blood and they were absolutely fine with it. They were both really funny as well. It’s good to see their comedy side.

Why has it taken so long for Slashed to appear?
Well, we never quite finished it. I guess in the end, I was meant to get killed and our manager was meant to get killed, but I think we just ran out of time and energy. And because we never completed it, it didn’t make sense to put it together. But since then, YouTube has come into existence and it’s perfect for something like this, so we figured we’d stick it on one of the videos for one these 26 singles which Ash are putting out this year. It was kind of like, if we don’t do it now, we’ll probably never do it.

Are you still friends with Chris?
Yeah, we’ve been pretty close friends for a while now.

And you’re a fan of Coldplay?
Oh absolutely. I’ve always loved what they do.

Did you see Coldplay on the Viva tour?
Yeah, I saw them in Belfast. I always seem to get a nice shout-out when I go and see them! Chris has been known to play Shining Light sometimes too - I remember he did that when I went to see them in Kentish Town once. That was a real buzz.

He does seem to be a genuine Ash fan.
I think so, yeah. He talks about hearing Angel Interceptor when he was 18 years old. He realised that we were the same age as him and he says he was intensely jealous and didn’t actually want to like it, but then couldn’t help himself! I think he said he saw us play at the London Astoria in ‘97. And I remember Will said that when they were at university he sat around trying to figure out how to play Goldfinger, which has got some quite tricky chords in it. Then, when we met them a few years later, we just really connected.

Doesn’t legend have it that you met them on the street?
I think they walked by me when they were recording up in Highbury, but they said they didn’t have the guts to talk to me then! Haha! I think we met properly at a festival in Norway in 2001, when I got talking to Chris. Then later that night me and him and a bunch of people went swimming in a fjord at 4am and I got totally stung on my feet by a jellyfish! After that night, we became really good mates.

And you’ve even collaborated with Coldplay.
Yeah, I played guitar on 1.36, which was one of the B-sides of The Scientist, and then Chris sings on Everybody’s Happy Nowadays, a Buzzcocks cover we did for the Shaun of the Dead movie. He’s also on one of our B-sides, called We Don’t Care. And we’ve toured a lot together. So, yeah, there’s a lot of mutual love there, I think.

Chris and Jonny do work well as a screen double act.
Absolutely. I think their role in Coldplay is very much like Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson. You can tell those two really love each other. There’s a lot of affection there. They’re sweet guys.

And there’s more to come from them in Slashed?
There is. I don’t want to give the plot away too much, but both of those characters meet a very gruesome end!

Do you think they have careers ahead of them as horror movie actors?
Oh, I think they’re more versatile than that - I wouldn’t restrict them to slasher B-movies. Or, in the case of our one, more of a Z-movie!

BBC 6 Music Radio Interviews

Ash were in the BBC studios yesterday morning pre-recording interviews for 6Music. The band were interviewed for ‘The Breakfast show’ with Shaun Keaveny and ‘Music Week’ with interviewer Matt Everitt who the band know from his time drumming in Menswear.

The ‘Music Week’ interview goes out this Sunday, September 7 between 13.00-14.00. Later in the day (about 17.00) it will then be available on their podcast which you can download for the following 7 days after it’s broadcast.

‘The Breakfast show’ interview goes out at 9.10am on Monday, Sept 8.

Deluxe Edition Of 1977 & Future Plans

Ash have been speaking to BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat about their plans for the rest of this year and early next year. The band confirm that they remain committed to a promise not to release any more albums, despite having more than enough new songs, instead they will concentrate on single track releases because as frontman Tim Wheeler explains “the way people listen to music has changed”.

Tim adds that “It’s been very freeing being away from the album format and not thinking, ‘Oh, this track has to fit with that track’. We’re just trying all sorts of crazy stuff. We’ve got one album worth so far but we want to get a double album worth of stuff.”  Drummer Rick McMurray also spoke of this new freedom suggesting “I think we have to go for it. You don’t have to ignore some songs because they don’t fit in with overall picture.”

The band gave the example of a new currently untitled song “We’ve also got a great disco song that Mark wrote, we’re not sure what it’s called yet but it’s really different for us.”

Tim Wheeler also explain the meaning behind the title of the new song the band have playing live all summer called “Ichiban”. “It’s Japanese for number one, it’s just a fun upbeat kind of song and its great to play live so we’ve been playing it at all the festivals so far”. The new songs should start to emerge around Spring next year.

Also in the interview it is mentioned that Ash’s former label is about to re-release a deluxe edition of their debut album 1977 in September, this will coincide with the two gigs the band are playing in London where they play the entire album in full. Wheeler said: “It’s a bit of nostalgia, we released it nearly 12 and a half years ago.”

New Ash Interview

If you head over to the official Ash website you’ll notice that there is a new interview with frontman Tim Wheeler, in which he reveals what Ash have been up to since the album was released in July and what’s to come over the coming months.

Interesting is the revelation that the band have been recording B-sides for an upcoming EP due around the time of the bands UK tour in October.

We’ve been recording B-sides recently, working on a bunch of tracks, maybe to go with Twilight of the Innocents for an EP around our tour. And then the plan is to get in the studio early next year and start bringing out singles, as of about March.

Tim also comments on the B-sides to the upcoming single “End of the World”, and explains the history of the demo recordings on the 7-inches.

One’s called “Seventh Circle”, which fans might know as an old song called “Singapore Song”. Bootlegs of that have been floating around for years. I think it’s actually one of my best songs, but it’s just never quite fitted on any of the albums. Then there’s “Wasted On You”, which is a rocker from the album sessions. And the other one is “Statis In Darkness” which I wrote a while ago with a string quartet. It’s another great song, actually. Pretty depressing, but beautiful at the same time.

And then on the 7-inches we’ve got the first version of “Palace of Excess” back when it was called “Suicide Girls” and also “Shattered Glass”. They were the first things we did in our studio. We ended up totally re-recording them, but these versions show the direction the album could’ve taken. We were trying to do it fully live, with one guitar, bass, drums and vocals. So they sound a lot rawer.

Tim Wheeler Interview

Ash frontman Tim Wheeler was interviewed recently by Glenn Savage for The West Australian. Tim speaks openly about the bands desire for change after the Meltdown world tour ended, moving to New York City, the writing and recording of the bands final album and the bands future plans.

We’ve reached the end of our contract and we’re just a bit sick of the frustrating slow process of albums. We plan to release downloadable singles on a more spontaneous basis to keep everything fresh.

FaceCulture Interview

Ash frontman Tim Wheeler and drummer Rick McMurray recently spoke to FaceCulture.

The boys told FaceCulture about their break after the Meltdown tour, changes, proving yourself, Charlotte Hatherley leaving the band, Tim and Mark moving to New York, their friendship, the new album Twilight of the Innocents, U2, the current situation in Ireland and lots more.

I Was Going to Judge the Star Wars X Factor…

Ash have posted another interview on their official website this time with bassist Mark Hamilton. In the interview Mark explains when they will start releasing songs straight through the internet.

“I think next spring, once we’ve finished touring Twilight of the Innocents, we’ll probably start releasing stuff straight away. We’ve already got some songs that never actually got recorded for this album. As soon as we have the time, we can just go into the studio and start recording them.”

Mark also confirms “End of the World” as the next single and explains that the long-awaited Slashed horror film may get released.

“We’ll probably start getting a plan together for ‘End of the World’. We want to come up with some good creative ideas for that. And I’m going to finally edit the slash thing and put it up on YouTube. I think people should be quite interested to see a video of Chris Martin getting murdered!”