“Return of White Rabbit” FREE Download!

“Return of White Rabbit” artwork
“Return of White Rabbit” artwork

Ash have released the Mark Hamilton penned song “Return of White Rabbit” as a free download on their official website. The band will also make 1000 limited edition 7" records available to buy through mail order and selected independent record shops from June 8.

The bands new single “Return of White Rabbit” sees the band throwing angular guitars over electro hooks and growling bass, in a febrile departure from their recent output. Created with resident engineer Claudius Mittendorfer, this is an urgent and liberating take on classic heart-tugging Ash, indicative of the darker electronic influence across the forthcoming releases.

The exclusive promo CD’s for the song have been artworked personally by members of the band: including Rick’s pack of playing cards, Tim’s apocalyptic bunny rabbits and Mark’s day-glo stencils.

The release of “Return of White Rabbit” is the starting point for an exciting and ambitious plan from the band. For the past year Ash have been holed up in their New York HQ, Atomic Heart Studios, writing and recording a series of songs, the band have announced that these songs will form the “A-Z series”. From September, each fortnight for the next twelve months, Ash will release a single on limited 7" vinyl and digital download. Commencing with “A” and running through the alphabet, all 26 songs will be released on Ash’s own Atomic Heart Records label and will be available through shops and by subscription through the band’s official website.