New Ash Interview

If you head over to the official Ash website you’ll notice that there is a new interview with frontman Tim Wheeler, in which he reveals what Ash have been up to since the album was released in July and what’s to come over the coming months.

Interesting is the revelation that the band have been recording B-sides for an upcoming EP due around the time of the bands UK tour in October.

We’ve been recording B-sides recently, working on a bunch of tracks, maybe to go with Twilight of the Innocents for an EP around our tour. And then the plan is to get in the studio early next year and start bringing out singles, as of about March.

Tim also comments on the B-sides to the upcoming single “End of the World”, and explains the history of the demo recordings on the 7-inches.

One’s called “Seventh Circle”, which fans might know as an old song called “Singapore Song”. Bootlegs of that have been floating around for years. I think it’s actually one of my best songs, but it’s just never quite fitted on any of the albums. Then there’s “Wasted On You”, which is a rocker from the album sessions. And the other one is “Statis In Darkness” which I wrote a while ago with a string quartet. It’s another great song, actually. Pretty depressing, but beautiful at the same time.

And then on the 7-inches we’ve got the first version of “Palace of Excess” back when it was called “Suicide Girls” and also “Shattered Glass”. They were the first things we did in our studio. We ended up totally re-recording them, but these versions show the direction the album could’ve taken. We were trying to do it fully live, with one guitar, bass, drums and vocals. So they sound a lot rawer.