Kablammo! artwork, tracklisting and release date

Kablammo! artwork
Kablammo! artwork

Ash have announced the artwork, release date and tracklisting for their upcoming album Kablammo!. The album will be released on May 25th through earMUSIC records.

It’s been eight years since Twilight of the Innocents, the album Ash vowed would be their last. The ensuing years saw the band embark on the ambitious A-Z singles series and its accompanying A-Z tour taking them from Aldershot to Zennor.

“A-Z was a great exercise in creativity and we stand by our choice to do it but we still love the album format. Stepping away from it for eight years has given us a new found love for the format and it’s been really exciting to get back to thinking about music in that way again”.

On Kablammo! the band explain that they set out to capture the live essence of Ash, the closest sonic predecessor being 2004’s Meltdown, with the songwriting of the Free All Angels singles.

”We’ve stripped away the electronic overtones of the A-Z series and made a streamlined blazing guitar record. On every song you can hear what makes this band tick, our beating (atomic) heart. It’s a visceral expression of what has driven us since 1992. Passion, melody and Ash.”

The title itself - Kablammo! - sums up the excitement Ash felt “to be in a room together making new music. You can hear that on every song.” And this renewed enthusiasm for playing together is writ large over the album’s 12 tracks, the in your face quality which has made Ash one of the UK’s best -loved bands.

“We’ve finally bridged the gap between our live show and the recording” the band say “Kablammo! is the proof.”

The tracklisting for Kablammo! is as follows:

  1. Cocoon
  2. Let’s Ride
  3. Machinery
  4. Free
  5. Go! Fight! Win!
  6. Moondust
  7. Evel Knievel
  8. Hedonism
  9. Dispatch
  10. Shutdown
  11. For Eternity
  12. Bring Back the Summer